Rough Enough Paper Pack

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A3-sized, looping paper textures

Create an organic paper look, faster. Whether it’s a cel animation look, live-action video, or a stop-motion deal, Rough Enough Paper Pack has got you covered.

And can even have a few of the HD resolution ones for free.

The 4K Pack:

– 10X Looping Textures at both HD and 4K Resolution

– 4K (UHD) Resolution (3840 X 2160)

– High Bitrate 80Mbps (4K) and 50Mbps(HD) (both .MP4)

– 10X TIFF Stills for print, web use.

The Free HD Pack:

– 4X Looping Textures

– HD Resolution (1920 X 1280)

– Medium Bitrate 20Mbps (.MP4) (about the same as an HDSLR)

– Did I mention it’s free? No email address needed.

The 4K pack will require your email in order to download. It will be stored ever-so-safely and won’t get spammed. The only thing it will ever be used for is letting you know about any updates to this pack. You can unsubscribe at any time. Check out the exciting terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

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By downloading this product you are agreeing to the terms and conditions (included in the download: RoughEnough-License.txt). In short: Use these packs however you like but do not resell/rent/giveaway in any form. Thanks. You can get in touch here.